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Prices of Chaff Cutters in Kenya
Chaff Cutter for Sale in Kenya
Chaff Cutter in Kenya

About Chaff Cutters in Kenya

We are the gateway, the link between farmers and quality chaff cutter machines in the country. We stock only the best quality chaff cutters. We have continued to meet the increasing demands of our clients by providing a rich portfolio of electric and fuel powered chaff cutters to suit their needs. As a fast growing company, we stake our growth on providing nothing but superior quality products backed by industry leading warranties and the best customer support.

We continue to give our clients our support many years down the line to ensure that they are able to make the best use of their investment. Our electric and diesel chaff cutters are economical and provide high powers without increasing your expenses. Our growth as a company is fueled by our commitment to quality and affordability. We ensure that any small-scale farmer in the country is able to increase their capacity by investing in a chaff cutter.

By investing with us, many farmers in need of chaff cutters have found a partner they can rely on. We do not relent on quality and as such we are always on the lookout for the best products in the market to add to our inventory.

Chaff Cutter price in Kenya

Electric Chaff Cutter 3 Blade, 2 hp Electric Motor Ksh 50,000
Electric Chaff Cutter 3 Blade, 3 hp Electric Motor Ksh 54,000
Petrol Chaff Cutter 3 Blade, 7.5 hp Petrol Engine Unit Ksh 48,000
Local Petrol Feed Chopper 7.5 hp Petrol Engine Ksh 38,000
Local Electric Feed Chopper 3 hp Electric Motor Ksh 40,000
Local Electric Feed Chopper 5 hp Electric Motor Ksh 45,000
Imported Feed Chopper ZF-500 7.5 hp Petrol Engine Ksh 50,000
Imported Feed Chopper ZF-500 3 hp Motor Ksh 52,000
Imported Feed Chopper ZF-500 5 hp Motor Ksh 58,000
High speed Feed Chopper 3 hp Electric Motor Ksh 48,000
High speed Feed Chopper 7.5 hp Petrol Engine Ksh 45,000
Diesel Feed Chopper (Diesel Chaff Cutter) 7.5 hp Diesel Engine Ksh 65,000
Diesel Silage Chopper - with Blower 18 hp Diesel Engine Ksh 180,000

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Feed Choppers

Chaff Cutters

Benefits of Feed Coppers & Chaff Cutters

  • Has good working performance, which can cut various kinds of crop straws, herbage and so on.
  • This cutting blade is hardened to withstand pressure, and it is also made wear-resistant.
  • Chaff cutter and feed choppers are multipurpose machines. Apart from cutting chaffs, they can also provide cutting solution to many things like, fodder, straw, etc.
  • Chaff cutters are either motor-driven or engine driven that are energy-efficient, saves time and human resources for cutting a large amount of chaff.
  • Highly portable, high quality, ease of use, and high dependability.
  • Cuts the fodder into small pieces reducing wastage and makes it easy for the animals to chew and digest.

Choosing The Best

Chaff Cutter Price in Kenya

A chaff cutter is one of the highly appreciated machines by farmers. It is used to cut fodder, straw, hay, long grass and other types of fodder into small pieces. This is done for easy mixing of the fodder before feeding to the animals. It also helps in curing of the fodder, makes storage easy and makes the fodder more palatable for the livestock.

Looking for a chaff cutter for sale in Kenya? There are several factors to have in before choosing the chaff cutter. Here are some of them;

Manual or powered chaff cutter?

The decision on whether you should get a manual or a powered chaff cutter is a simple one based on how much you will be using the chaff cutter. For a small scale farmer rearing maybe one or two animals a manual chaff cutter may suffice. However, you also need to consider whether you are fit enough to handle the manual chaff cutter every day.

If dealing with a manual chaff cutter is not your cup of tea then you can go with a powered one. Powered chaff cutters either come with an electric or diesel powered engine. The electric chaff cutters are more stationary and can only be used one place near a power source. Diesel or petrol powered chaff cutters are more versatile and the mini chaff cutters can be carried off to different sites to cut fodder. Powered chaff cutters make it easy to cut fodder for many animals in a short while effortlessly.

How much work needs to be done?

Powered chaff cutters come in different sizes and with different output abilities. This means that some chaff cutters are bigger and more powerful than others. When choosing a chaff cutter you need to consider your usage requirements. For large scale farmers with an intensive need for a chaff cutter, consider getting a bigger and powerful machine that can handle the needs you have.

For small scale farmers, a medium to mini chaff cutter (in size and power) can deliver enough power to cut enough fodder for the few animals on the farm. The big chaff cutters for sale in Kenya can have an output power of up to 10HP. This is strong enough to keep running for long and cut lots of fodder in a short while.

The power and the size of the chaff cutter directly affects the chaff cutter price in Kenya. This will therefore directly influence your budget. If you do not have a big budget for purchasing a chaff cutter you can settle for a medium power and medium sized table chaff cutter. These chaff cutters are versatile and can keep going for long. They are also more fuel efficient than the big chaff cutters.

Types of Chaff Cutters

Chaff cutters come in several different types for you to choose from. The choice on the type of chaff cutter also depends on the needs that you have. Here are some of the common types you will get in Kenya;

Mini Chaff Cutter - these are small chaff cutters suitable for only cutting dry and green fodder into small pieces. They are ideal where small to medium output is desired.

Chaff cutter with blower - this chaff cutter comes with a centrifugal air blower that ejects the chaff out of the system to a desired distance away. This makes it easy to continue packaging or mixing the fodder without having to wait until the cutting process is over.

Chaff cutter cum pulveriser - this is a 2in1 machine that cuts chaff and also grinds grains. It is the ideal machine for farmers that want to mix their own feeds to keep the costs of feeding to a minimum.

Chaff Cutter Suppliers in Kenya

If you are in the market for a chaff cutter, you need a chaff cutter supplier in Kenya that you can trust. Buying a chaff cutter is an investment that many farmers should take seriously. As such you need to partner with a supplier that will walk with you all through. Not only before you make the purchase but also many years later when you need help repairing or replacing the chaff cutter with a better model.

We are the trusted chaff cutter suppliers in Kenya with many years of experience. We stock quality chaff cutters and offer after sale support to ensure you make the most out of your investment. You do not have to worry about the price for the machines anymore. We have a variety of chaff cutters available for different budgets. We can provide you with our chaff cutter price list in Kenya for your perusal.