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About us

We are a prominent and renowned importer and supplier of high quality chaff cutters and related farm machinery. Our products are developed using superior grade materials and in an ingenious way to suit the hardworking Kenyan farmers that want to increase productivity and yields. What drives us is the smile we see on many Kenyan farmers after they have invested money in our chaff cutters and other machines and seen profits many times over.

As a company that cares for our clients, we walk with them all through. From helping you to choose the chaff cutter that suits your needs to assisting you with repairs and parts many years after, we will always be here for you. We have technicians that pay our clients visits to ensure that they are getting the best out of their investment. We care for you and our intention is to see you grow.

Why choose us?

Quality - we are stockists of only quality imported chaff cutters that perform exceptionally for all levels of farming. As a company that has been in operation for long, we know the best chaff cutters for Kenyan farmers and aim to always provide better than they expect.

Variety - we understand that different farmers have different needs. From those that want to make their own feeds, to small scale farmers that just want to chop a small bunch of fodder, we have chaff cutters for all your needs. This also means that we have a variety of chaff cutters to suit a variety of budgets.

Affordability - we are a direct supplier of imported chaff cutters sourced directly from manufacturers. As such, we are able to deliver to you the quality machinery you deserve at the best prices. Our prices are way lower compared to the retail suppliers whose prices are usually higher. What's more we will be with you all along as you continue to make use of your investment.

We believe in hardworking Kenyan farmers and intend to continue providing quality products for them.