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Maize Sheller Machine Price in Kenya - Ksh 38,000/=

Shelling your maize harvest by hand can take weeks especially when you have a good harvest and will require a lot of labor to do. If you want speed and effectiveness when shelling your maize harvest, a maize sheller machine is the way to go. The maize sheller machine price in Kenya depends on the capacity, size and operation of the sheller.

Big electric maize shelling machines that can work on tons of maize in a day will cost you more than small manual machines that can only do a few kilograms per day. But, you do not need to pay a higher price for a machine you do not need. Identify your needs first and then let us match you with the maize sheller machine that will meet your needs and budget perfectly.

Maize Sheller machine (powered by 7.5hp petrol engine) Price: Ksh 38,000

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Besides the power or capacity of the machine, there are also other features that affect the maize sheller machine price in Kenya. Manufacturers add many features and parts that enhance efficiency, performance and safety of the machine many of which add to the cost. However, most of these features are worth having and give you value for your money.

Our maize sheller machines are designed with ease of use which means you get to save on labor costs. Only one person is needed to operate the machine and successfully separate the grains from the corn. We also have some maize sheller machines that are multipurpose and can be used to obtain grains from other plants.

Our machines come with different maize sheller machine price in Kenya so there is something for everyone. Whether you are a small scale farmer just starting out or you are a large scale maize farmer looking for a highly capable maize sheller, we have solutions for everyone. Contact us today to learn more.